You can reach me via email at ryankendall [at] ucla [dot] edu. But for any communication about a truly sensitive matter, please see my secure contacts below:

More Secure-ish Contacts

If you have my phone number, please contact via text me using the excellent Signal app or – for casual conversations only – you can reach me using WhatsApp. I host all my public crypto keys on – which I highly recommend – and on my personal website. The crypto keys on are linked to my public social media accounts.

My profile

I prefer Ricochet for real time instant messaging. ID: ricochet:5hfqrxceyccvmftr

XMPP messaging protocol and OTR encryption on Wikipedia

XMPP/OTR on Tor Messenger: rmk2145 [at] jabber [dot] calyxinstitute [dot] org

Tor Messenger Fingerprint: DE8BF4F4 F5FFAC1F 958231CD E5AD9276 1BF1D80B

XMPP/OTR on Adium: ryankendall [at] dukgo [dot] com

Adium Fingerprint: 1F6335B0 B6A02BB5 4F5D1846 D5BB9257 68842F63


PGP ("Pretty Good Privacy") is a highly-secure encryption protocol that that can be used with email. For the casual user, PGP is complicated to setup and difficult to use. If you aren't worried worried about surveillance by a nation-state, I recommend Mailvelope as a good first step. Mailvelope is an easy (read: dead simple) product to setup and use. It's not perfect, but it's an okay start.

It's probably faster, easier, and more reliable/secure (read: better) to use a product like or an XMPP service with OTR encryption via Tor Messenger or Adium than it is to use PGP with email. Here's a good article on getting started with those services: Micah Lee, Chatting in Secret While We’re All Being Watched, The Intercept (July 2015).

MyPGP-associated email addresses: rmk2145 [at] columbia [dot] edu OR ryankendall [at] ucla [dot] edu

My PGP Fingerprint: 6CB4 112D 10D0 E116 2C26 8FCE BAF0 7771 C212 C1A2

My 64-bit PGP Fingerprint: BAF0 7771 C212 C1A2

Click here for my PGP public key.asc file